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1200 years of tradition –

St Peter Stiftskulinarium, formerly Stiftskeller, is the oldest restaurant in Central Europe and has a very long history. Timeline:


The St Peter Stiftskeller is mentioned for the first time in a document by the scholar Alcuin who was a liegeman of Charlemagne – our restaurant is therefore considered the oldest inn in Europe.


The St Peter Stiftskeller enters the history of literature thanks to the late 14th century poet and composer, the Monk of Salzburg.


The inn is significantly extended – Faust knows it to be a place of quality.


The Stiftskeller changes – patrons now include nobility, clergy and the emerging middle classes.


Michael Haydn is a resident of the Stiftskeller’s top floor.


The Stiftskeller acquires the right to brew and serve beer. Prior to this, the Stiftskeller’s padres were only allowed to serve their own wines.


French troops are given quarters in the Stiftskeller during the Napoleonic wars.


Abbot Willibald Hauthaler oversees the construction of the Baroque Hall and expansion of the ‘Willibaldhöhle’.


The monastery cellar is looted during the First World War.


The first lease agreement in the history of St Peter Stiftskeller is signed. 25-year-old Claus Haslauer is the tenant who takes on this challenge.


World première of the famous Mozart Dinner Concerts in the historic Baroque Hall. These have since enjoyed great popularity and are performed daily.


Veronika Kirchmair-Haslauer begins to update and redesign the restaurant’s interiors.


The Stiftskeller celebrates its 1200th anniversary.


The St Peter Stiftskeller’s kitchen and bar are given a state-of-the-art makeover as part of extensive alterations.


St Paul Soul Food Catering joins the St Peter Stiftskeller family. This highly successful catering concept focuses on individuality, exclusivity and professional service for every event.


Redesign of the Willibaldhöhle and the arcade courtyard.


Sous vide and a charcoal barbecue are added to the St Peter Stiftskeller repertoire..


A report by the Federal Monuments Office Austria revealed that the gate to the St. Peter Stiftskeller is the oldest door in the St. Peter’s district. The gate was renovated and restored to the original state of the year 1710.